Automatic Cutting Machine (GIANT A)

Automatic cutting machine for large format sheets/slabs up to 132mm thick

Automatic cutting machine to cut both lengthways (X axis) and crossways (Y axis). The cutting head is driven by means of the PLC integrated into the hanging panel on board the machine and the cutting head speed is driven by the inverter. Turning and inclination of the head is manual, from 0 to 90 degrees by means of a handwheel. The machine is equipped with a marine ply wooden bench with integrated lifting rollers for multidirectional slab positioning.

Maximum working thickness: 132mm – disc 450
Maximum cutting length: 3500 x 1830 x 270mm
Diameter of disc: 300 – 450mm
Motor power: 8kW 1400 rpm
Dimensions: 5460 x 2200 x 2170mm
Weight: 1800kg

Weight1800 kg
Production Size




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