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Cutting and Profiling for Kitchen, Bathroom, Tops & Steps (MVB/4 AS)

Cutting and profiling for kitchen and bathroom counter-tops & steps. This is an automatic machine able to carry out both the cutting and the profiling of skirting pieces, doorsteps, and windowsills with bullnosing and hand bullnose edges, in a single pass with just one movement of the piece. Alternatively, it can make a 45 degree mitering for the production of kitchen and bathroom counter-tops and steps.

Maximum working thickness: 20mm
Dimensions obtained: 330mm
No of cutting discs: 1-4
No of grinding wheels: 3
Diameter of cutting discs: 300mm
Diameter of grinding wheels: 140/160mm
Belt width: 350mm
Maximum operating power: 11kW
Dimensions: 1500 x 3800 x 1800mm
Weight: 650kg

Other sizes are available. Please contact us on 01565 750666 for further information.

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MVB AMINEUS machines make the production of high quality elements possible on ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, and agglomerate materials in a fast and simple way with just one automated compact machine.


Weight650 kg
Production Size



Big slim, Compactline

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