Specialists in machines for the tile manufacturing industry

Aquacut Limited is Ferrari & Cigarini’s UK distributor. Ferrari & Cigarini specialises in the design and manufacture of machines and production plants for those operating in the porcelain, stone, brick and glass industries.  We offer a wide range of machines from on-site cutting and profiling to large industrial machines offering a wide range of functions.  Our mid-market Compact range is our most popular.

Ferrari & Cigarini has continued research and development to find solutions for problems in processing special pieces.  This has led the company from Maranello to design and produce specialised plants for the production of mosaic pieces, strips, skirting tiles, bullnosed edges, brick slips, brick pistols and steps.  We offer completely automated feeding systems (also thanks to the use of robot stations) and unpacking systems for grinding, honing and lapping lines. It is indeed in the unwrapping sector that Ferrari & Cigarini holds the international patent of the unwrap system.

We are also strong in the building material sector thanks to the production of specialist machinery for cutting strips, corner pieces, and hollow flat tiles for ventilated facades.

High quality you would expect from Italian manufacturing

Our Mission

Since 1969, for 50 years, Ferrari & Cigarini has been committed to offering optimal solutions in the world of ceramics and similar products, always attentive to new technologies and maintaining the highest standards of quality. Ferrari & Cigarini makes a large investment in research and development of new technologies which can be applied to a consolidated know-how that is the strong point of the manufacturing chain.

Our Values

Ferrari & Cigarini strongly
believes in a focus on innovation, in customer satisfaction and in quality that is the mark of ‘Made In Italy’. Staff recruitment, retention and skill improvements are key strengths of the company.

Why Choose Us

1. In-house design to provide tailor-made solutions for our business partners. 2. Experience, research and continuous innovation. 3. In-house assembly, with ‘Made in Italy’ quality. 4. Popular spare parts stocked in our UK warehouse for fast despatch
5. Uk presence providing local help when needed.

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