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Aquacut Limited is Ferrari & Cigarini's UK distributor. Aquacut Limited bought a Ferrari & Cigarini Compact profiling machine a number of years ago and we were so impressed by the very high build quality Ferrari & Cigarini bring to all of their machines that we were delighted to represent F&C in the UK. Our bullnosing machine, which can also cut grooves in step treads, is used extensively profiling tiles and stone in a range of profiles, and has been particularly in demand to create full bullnoses on 20mm thick porcelain tiles. The machine continues to give excellent service.

Ferrari & Cigarini UK is a division of Aquacut Limited

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Ferrari & Cigarini Machines

Ferrari & Cigarini design and manufacture machines and systems for the production of mosaic pieces, slabs, strips, skirting tiles, bullnose edges, brick slips, brick pistols and stairs in various materials such as porcelain, marble, ceramic, stone, brick and glass. The company also offers robotised freestanding elements to automate the feeding system, the unwrapping system and the palletisation for cutting, profiling, rectifying, honing and lapping lines.

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