Automatic Cutting Machine for Large Slabs (MTQ 3200 GLADIATOR)

Automatic cutting machine for large slabs. MTQ is a cutting machine with a marine ply wooden cutting bench. The cutting head performs step-by-step cuts for big thicknesses, it is moved automatically horizontally and vertically and is electrically tiltable to perform 45 degree cuts. MTQ has a programmable computer controlled board managed (“PLC”) with a 7 inch colour touchscreen on board the machine. MTQ is provided with two rollers for slab support, one manual guide, and two adjustable references.

Maximum working thickness: 75mm
Maximum cutting length: 3200mm
Disc or grinding wheel diameter: 300 – 350mm
Motor power: 5.5kW
Maximum installed power: 7kW
Voltage: 400V 50Hz
Maximum Dimensions: 4800 x 4500 x 1800mm
Weight: 1200kg


Automatic cutting machine for large slabs (MTQ Gladiator)


Weight1200 kg
Production Size



Big slim, Compactline

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